Equipement and system repairs

ISP promptly performs periodically planned single repairs of equipment and systems.
After due inspection of equipment and systems, ISP professionals together with the customer design a repairs plan, thereby minimizing production stoppage and ensuring punctual execution of repair works.

Our professionals perform the following repair works:

  • inspection of equipment and systems;
  • dismantling and installation of production equipment;
  • repair of mechanical equipment;
  • repair of hydraulic and pneumatic systems;
  • repair of crane and hoist systems;
  • metal installation and welding;
  • repair and installation of power supply systems;
  • repair of automation components;
  • diagnostics and modernization of automation control systems;
  • repair and installation of ventilation and cooling systems;
  • repair and installation of water supply and sewage systems;
  • repair of electric motors, pumps and transformers.
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