Building service

ISP provides inspection of systems engineering on the customer’s premises, develops maintenance plans and offers complex attendance service.
We assume full responsibility for energy-efficient functioning of systems on the premises, thereby allowing our customers more time to pursue their direct business initiatives. Customers are also encouraged to make use of the opportunity to sign long-term cooperation contracts.

Scope of each contract is fine-tuned after technical audit of the site according to the customer’s needs, including:

  • planning the maintenance of equipment and systems;
  • execution and execution control of maintenance work;
  • planning equipment and systems repair;
  • execution of equipment and systems repair;
  • 24-hour service with agreed reaction time;
  • appointment of responsible individuals (for power and gas supply, etc.) according to the legislation of the Republic of Latvia;
  • audit of premises and their systems;
  • planning customer’s investment budget to ensure sustainable operation of systems on the premises;
  • monitoring and analysis of energy consumption;
  • regular reporting to customer on performed and planned work.
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