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Education Support Policy

 We are constantly learning and educating others, raising awareness of the importance of engineering and education at both company and community levels through our everyday work and other activities.We actively support a wide range of knowledge-development-related activities aimed at scholars of all levels:  from elementary school pupils to the brightest university students and scholars in Latvia.

By attracting professionals with international experience and collaborating with several Baltic engineering universities (RTU, LLU and TTU), we have established our Training Center:  Maintenance Development Center (MDC), enabling our colleagues and client representatives to improve their skills and knowledge in the field of physical asset maintenance.


We pay great attention to prospective professionals by training students, as well as providing them with support in choosing the topic of and successfully defending their final thesis.

We provide paid internships for students of technical colleges and universities and financially support the “European Scientists' Night” organized by Riga Technical University as well as other RTU initiatives. We encourage students to choose studies in the technical and engineering fields.

Since 2013, the Industry Service Partnerhas been one of the main sponsors of various educational events, raising awareness of the benefits and opportunities of technical education.