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Precision Maintenance

Companies today face c:ertain maintenance - related challenges:

  • a large group of different and complex equipment to look after (e.g., complicated mechatronic systems gathering precision mechanical, electric and automation control systems);                           
  • limited human resources lacking qualifications and experience to apply precision maintenance practices;
  • constantly changing market environment;
  • ever-growing pressure from the competition.

Equipment maintenance is becoming more complicated, and legal requirements place more pressure on the maintenance function than ever before.

Acknowledging the need for support, ISP has gathered a team of 100+ professionals to cover a wide and deep range of skills. We have all that’s necessary to help different segment companies in performing maintenance work on even the most complex modern equipment.

To us Precision Maintenance for us is doing the right job at the right time at the highest quality to ensure a trouble-free operation of the equipment.

Our experienced employees perform the following:

    1. Precision mechanical installations (machinery alignment, belt drive tensioning, machine foundation preparations, connection flanges preparations, bearing fit restoration)
    2. Precision repairs (high-speed machinery repairs (e.g., spindles, pumps, compressors) and restoration)
    3. Maintenance and repairs of pneumatic and hydraulic systems
    4. Diagnostics and repairs of steam and safety valves
    5. Choice, integration, verification and calibration of electrical, automation and instrumentation equipment
    6. Maintenance and upgrading of instrumentation systems performing chemical analyses of water-based liquids and flue gases
    7. Repairs of electronic elements
    8. Implementation of Diagnostic and predictive maintenance (PdM) systems (asset selection, measurement points, parameters, measurement schedules, measurement equipment, training)
    9. Post-service acceptance testing (alignment, vibration, thermal imaging, etc.).