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Process automation and digitalization

Our core expertise includes the installation and maintenance of automation and control systems (ACS) in various industrial objects and public buildings.

Our experts have extensive experience in systems auditing, design, installation, rebuilds & retrofits, as well as maintenance of these systems made by the world’s leading producers such as SIEMENS, ABB, Schneider-Electric, GE, and others. We offer solutions based on leading technology innovations in the control systems segment.

Industry Service Partner is certified Siemens “Solution Partner” for Factory Automation solutions.


To simplify and facilitate the reliability and maintainability of the ACS systems we offer to develop a company-wide ACS-policy. We plan, install, and maintain solutions, including periodic software updates that enable up-to-date state of operation and high competitiveness.

It is hard to imagine a modern company without the proper enterprise asset management (EAM) system. Nonetheless implementing such a system is not a trivial task. Company targets and vision must be balanced with employee motivation, responsibilities, technological implementation and system maintenance(improvement) aspects.

We offer the following services to our customers' automation and control systems:

  1. Inspection and technical audits of the existing situation;
  2. Risk assessment, planning, and mitigation;
  3. Design of a conceptual solution and development plan;
  4. Design of related engineering systems (draft projects, technical projects);
  5. Management of implementation projects;
  6. Installation, programming, and regulation;
  7. Analysis and optimization of programs in use;
  8. Update and upgrade of software.
  9. Setup and installation of industrial robots (KUKA)


We offer our customers the following support regarding EAM systems:

  1. Prompt implementation (taking into consideration long-term EAM development strategy)
  2. Full EAM functionality (covering all asset life cycle phases and all key processes)
  3. User on-site and remote training