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Defects in physical assets may cause undesirable downtime, affecting productivity, safety and quality of the end product as well as company’s ROI/ROA/ROE.

In over 20 years we have demonstrated our capability of reaching world-class reliability and productivity of equipment and systems at customers’ sites, reaching the technical availability of equipment of up to 99%.

To achieve this level of efficiency in the shortest possible time at predictable cost level, we offer a cooperation model governed by FlexiMaint service contract.

Forget about unplanned downtime - let us take care of it!

The standard term of FlexiMaint service contract is 3 to 5 years. That is the optimal period for the customer to evaluate the benefits of our cooperation. By signing a FlexiMaintservice contract, Industry Service Partnerassumes full responsibility for the customer’s production assets and guarantees their continued and safe operation throughout their life cycle.


FlexiMaintis an advanced service concept designed around the commitment of both parties to common goals (KPI – Key Performance Indicators) and maintaining maximum cooperation while pursuing the agreed action plan.

These shared goals may be specific production indicators, such as the technical availability of production lines, time between production line stoppages (MTBF) and energy consumption, as well as organizational indicators – development of certain competences, improvement of occupational safety culture at the enterprise, etc.

Optimal organization of equipment and system maintenance can significantly reduce costs by improving productivity and reducing energy consumption.

When choosing the right strategy for the maintenance of industrial or building assets, it is essential to maintain the right balance between reliability improvements and costs (see chart below).



The basic principle of FlexiMaint is best illustrated by this image.

The customer benefits from FlexiMaint:

  1. World-class availability of equipment
  2. Higher energy efficiency and comfort for buildings
  3. Higher quality of products and services
  4. Ability to focus more on core business
  5. Spare parts stock management (outsourcing)
  6. Fixed asset maintenance costs (no surprises!)
  7. Access to the best-in-class maintenance professionals (ISP employees)
  8. Access to unique resources inside ISP (peak workload balancing, expertise, training, knowledge sharing and training at MDC).

If a company spends too little on maintenance, equipment reliability and productivity suffer. If, conversely, the company is overspending on maintenance, improvements in equipment productivity do not cover the generated additional costs .

To maximize profits it is crucial to keep productivity and costs at an optimal balance.

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