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Process efficiency and reliability are an essential success factor for modern power plants.

To achieve the desired level of efficiency and reliability, these facilities are constantly looking for ways to optimize their work, taking into consideration rising fuel costs, gaps in labor headcount, available skills, and increasing regulatory requirements.

Older plants additionally face challenges associated with aging equipment with a relatively low operational efficiency. The newer plants are operating highly automated complex systems with minimum human resources.


Our employees have more than two decades of experience in the energy sector. The examples include:

  1. CHPP (combined heat power plant - gas and biomass boiler house) construction;
  2. Operation and administration of regional heating facilities;
  3. Complete maintenance of power plants (bio mass, fossil fuel);
  4. Management of energy segment projects (e.g. energy storage tank and water circulation systems construction);
  5. Upgrade of on-line condition monitoring systems for hydropower turbines, etc.)