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Quality and HSE Policy

The Industry Service Partner Management System is an integral part of our company's operations that describes and systematizes its competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Industry Service Partner has implemented and maintains certified quality, environmental and occupational safety management systems in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 standards.


Industry Service Partner quality policy is focused on providing high value-added services to our customers by performing industrial machinery and building maintenance, repairs, upgrades and process automation.

To ensure high quality services, we

    1. compile and locally apply the best global practices of maintenance industry;
    2. promote the improvement and exchange of knowledge inside the company at our MDC Competence Devolopment Centre;
    3. help to motivate and increase the competence of our staff;
    4. continuously look for ways to improve our performance;
    5. regularly assess the satisfaction of both our clients and employees.


Industry Service Partner management

  1. undertakes continuous improvement of the efficiency and the effectiveness of operations;
  2. ensures consultation and participation of workers in management system and its improvement, including labor safety, health, and environmental issues;
  3. uses feedback from its customers, suppliers, and partners to improve the company's management system;
  4. organizes the company’s operations and ensures compliance with the current regulations.


Environmental protection and work safety

Our commitment is to achieve top performance levels in labor safety, health, and environmental protection.

To this end, we

  1. strive to prevent or reduce risks related to occupational safety and environmental protection wherever possible;
  2. train and motivate employees to do their work efficiently and in a safe and environmentally friendly way;
  3. oversee the observance of safety and environmental protection requirements by contractors at our facilities;
  4. pay close attention to prevention of injury, environmental protection and reduction of pollution;
  5. monitor the consumption of natural resources and energy resources, introduce measures for increasing energy efficiency and conservation of natural resources;
  6. promote a healthy lifestyle for our employees and their families;
  7. work to create a zero-accident way of thinking, and to continually improve our occupational health, work safety and environmental performance;
  8. set goals based on the essential aspects of work safety and the environment and follow up on these goals.