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DigivibeMX Dynamic Balancing and Vibration Analysis system

DigivibeMX is a program for true vibrodiagnostics masters. It can be installed and used on an MS Windows computer or tablet and is available in four versions:

Digivibe MX® Phantom: Available for free with the purchase of one of the PHANTOM kits. It allows viewing measurement trends, performing measurement analysis, as well as connecting to the EI Analytic cloud service (separate product). 

DigivibeMX® M10: Includes dynamic balancing and popular vibration analysis tools (FFT, Time Wave Form, Harmonics, etc.). By purchasing and using ERBESSD INSTRUMENTS balancing machine supports, accurate balancing can be performed without the use of trial weights.

DigivibeMX® M20: Includes all vibration analyzer functions such as Routes, ODS (Operation Deflection Shapes) modelling, FFT, bearing defects and transmission models and vibration analysis. 

In addition, it is possible to connect to the EI Analytic portal as well as to the WiSER Vibe Pro mobile app using a QR code. 

DigivibeMX® M30: includes all the above functionality - all software tools in one package. Vibration analysis + Balancing + PHANTOM monitoring


Additional information about DigivibeMX in English: