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Dragon Vision™ Motion Magnification Software


Dragon Vision™ is software that helps visualize the movement of equipment.

A video recording can capture the micro movements of machines and structures. It does not necessarily require a special camera - it can be done with an smartphone. The resulting video material is imported and processed using Dragon Vision™ software, which detects micro-movements at the sub-pixel level in the captured video frames. 

The end result is an amplified motion video that depicts the true 2D motion of equipment or elements proportional to their actual motion.

Motion resolution is ~2.5 µm when shooting from a tripod, or ~10 µm when shooting without a tripod. Motion frequency range <5500 [1/min] (<90 Hz) when shooting with a phone with SLO-MO frame rate of 240 fps or more, if the camera supports it.

More information about Dragon Vision™ in English:

Dragon Vision™ video analysis

To improve the accuracy of measurements, the recorded video can be calibrated with a geometric or vibration measurement (with WiSER sensor).

By visualizing the movement of equipment or elements or structures connected to them, it is possible to:

  • Notice movements where they shouldn't be: attachment points, cracks in elements, etc.
  • See load, pressure, thermal, etc. deformations
  • Capture displacement at the micron level e.g. thermal expansion, micro-movements

In addition, it is possible to diagnose the following deficiencies: movements caused by imbalance, misalignment of axes, mechanical fastening or alignment problems, free movement, deformations under load (e.g. frames, pressure boilers, etc.), bent shaft or eccentricity, resonance movements, element natural frequency (bump-test) etc.