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EI Analytic portal

If you don't want to worry about maintaining your computer workstation and software, as well as accessing your data remotely - the modern Cloud data portal EI ANALYITIC is the answer! The portal developed by ERBESSD INSTRUMENTS stores all the necessary data, providing for the simultaneous connection of several users of the same client from anywhere in the world.

On this site, you can review all measurements made with WiSER sensors or PHANTOM wireless sensors, process results, diagnose possible defects using machine learning algorithms, as well as receive automatic system notifications in cases where significant deviations appear, which can be considered appropriate for the correct operation of the system.

With the layout of different, individually customizable dashboards, you can see an overview of the entire fleet of equipment on one screen. All deviations from thresholds can be seen and diagnosed by user even if you are not an vibrodiagnostic specialist.

Data from the EI Analytic portal can also be accessed via the WiSER Vibe Pro mobile app. With its help, it is possible to perform measurements using the routes built on the EI Analytic portal. In the application, you can see the same reports (dashboards) about the condition of the equipment that are created in the EI Analytic portal.

During the first year, the use of the EI Analytic portal is free (2 GB data limit). Starting from the second year, you can choose whether or not to continue receiving this service by choosing one of the paid plans. 

The annual fee depends on the amount of data stored in the cloud. The smallest plan for a database up to 10GB costs ~100 EUR/month (without VAT)

 Additional information about the EI Analytic portal in English: