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WiSER accelerometers

WiSER accelerometers, depending on the model, allow for 1-axis (WiSER 1X) or simultaneous 3-axis (WiSER 3X) wireless vibration measurements. 

They can be used both in tandem with the free mobile app (WiSER VIBE PRO) or with a Windows PC or Windows tablet (Microsoft Surface Pro) with the powerful DigivibeMX software as a full-fledged vibration analyzer. 

WISER vibrodiagnostikas tausti

Indicative prices for the most popular WISER products:

  • WISER 3X Mini <1000 EUR
  • WISER 3X  <3500 EUR
  • WISER 1X  <2500 EUR

WISER vibrodiagnostikas tausti

Use your mobile device as a vibration al 

WiSER triaxial wireless sensor can connect to iOS or Android devices. Using powerful vibration analysis app WiSER Vibe Pro, it is possible to record vibration signals and perform FFT analysis on 3 channels simultaneously.

WiSER Vibe Pro mobile app is free!

Links to download app:      Apple App Store                                       Google Play

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